tagGroep SexThe Plan Ch. 01

The Plan Ch. 01

bySynthetic Touch©

I had been a teacher at riverside high school for five years. Classes had come and gone, memorable students and unforgettable occasions. But this one particular summer stands clear in my mind as if it were just yesterday. The graduating class was small, only about thirty students. As a result funds were tight, normally in a class of two hundred it costs twenty dollars for each student to have a senior class trip and pay for the prom. This year because we had such small numbers it would end up costing each student upwards toward two hundred dollars per student. Student council and the governing board had a meeting to decide what would be best for the class and later that week the class voted to save money on the senior trip by going camping.

As in most high schools their were different groups of students their were the jocks and the cheerleaders and the science fiction geeks, and a small cluster of girls who fit into no other group and so formed their own loose assemblage. Their were the twins Tara and Sarah, beautiful blonds that shared everything; rumor has it for a while they even shared a boyfriend. Then their was Gwen, she was a Goth, definitely something repressed by the schoolgirl uniform, her makeup and nails were always black, matching her naturally long raven curls. Rose was the athletic type, always playing some sort of sport she liked the beach most and anything that came with it, volleyball, surfing, you name it. Mei was a poet and a writer, her parents were Japanese and she had always been influenced by the romance Japanese art and culture. Finally there was Brea, the top honor student in her class. She was a beautiful young brunette who spent half her time with her face berried in a book and the other half organizing the affairs of the student council. She was a natural leader and if it wasn't for her I doubt if the other five girls would be friends.

The bus ride out was uneventful we rented an actual camp site for a weekend, so we had the canoes, bows and arrows, and art supplies; the best part was the cabins, we didn't need to bring tents or sleeping bags because we had beds and a roof over our heads. There were three teachers on the trip Ms. Roper who was the cheerleading instructor, Mr. Fields who was the gym teacher and football coach and finally there was me, Mr. Garret, I teach English literature. It was the second day since we arrived and unpacked, everyone wanted to go to the other side of the lake where there were caves to go exploring. Gwen was feeling sic and so she refused to go, Brea, insisted that she stay behind and cook dinner for when everyone came back, Rose and Mei volunteered to stay behind and help Brea cook dinner. The twins just wanted to stay behind because Tara was cluster phobic and Sarah didn't want to go without her. I admitted to my colleagues that I was a bit cluster phobic as well and since someone had to stay behind with the girls there was no sense in one of them missing something I would not enjoy regardless. They both agreed and packed up the bus for the trip. The lake was long and wide so canoeing was not and option and it would take two hours in either direction by bus, Ms. Roper and Mr. Fields had packed a big lunch and they would be gone until sunset.

The group had been gone about half an hour, I was reading on the recliner in the living room when Brea came in from behind me and told me she had a surprise for me. She quickly blind folded me and told me not to peak. I agreed and did not expect what came next, my finger was being sucked just a little then she slowly began to slide my hand down her chin and neck to her collarbone where I met no resistance as she glided my hand further down between her breasts, telling me that she was topless. Next she slid my hand down over her smooth stomach and past her belly button. Realizing she was pant less she turned my hand as I passed her pelvic bone to her pubic mound she then stopped my hand and cupped it in her own over the slit of her sex. She sat on my lap and kissed me removing my blindfold while pressing my hand into her opening. I stopped resisting and gave into my urges for this young girl, slowly stroking her slit and wrapping my other arm around her pressing our bodies tightly together.

As we kissed she wrapped her arms around me making us inseparable I felt the dampness of her crotch and moved my fingers deeper into her. She let out a light moan and slowly stood from me, this was the first time I had seen her fully and she was magnificent. Brea was tall with long legs, her sex was fully shaved and her body was that of a super model her stomach was round but in a way that told you she was healthy her breasts were perfectly round and her nipples were erect a full inch from her body. Her brown hair draped to either side of her breasts and just brushed against her nipples. She reached down toward me with her rear end up in the air, she looked up at me with big blue eyes and asked if I would like some more. Unable to answer I began to nod as she grabbed the waistband of my pants and pulled me up to her. She slowly kissed me as she undid my belt and my pants and pushed me up against a door she stopped kissing me to open the door and as I looked inside she turned my head back and continued kissing me. Her tongue wrapped around mine and slid in and out of my mouth like a snake, my hands caressed her back as she pressed her hands against my chest pushing me into the room and closing the door behind us. Finally she stopped pushing me but did not break our kiss as she turned slightly and slowly pulled my pants down from my hips, letting them fall to the floor.

As she unbuttoned my shirt she broke our kiss and moved to my neck licking my earlobe and sucking slowly down to my shoulder. She the pulled my shirt back away from my chest and off my arms, feeling my chest hairs slowly with her hand she looked up at me in awe and kissed me ever so deep and slowly. She glided her hand up my back and clenched my ass and slowly sat upon the bed pulling me down to her. As we kissed we didn't say a word, I slowly slid my penis into her feeling her body respond with tightness I glided myself back and forth slowly until I felt her body relax. I penetrated her with deeper and deeper thrusts each time until her sex engorged my penis all the way to the base. I kept my motions rhythmic not wanting this to end. With each kiss I heard a soft moan escape her lips as I'm sure one escaped mine. Soon I felt her inner muscles clenching, tightening against my thrust, our kiss broke and lauder moans filled the room. She tightened her body tilting her head back and digging her nails into my buttocks letting out a moan that would echo across the entire cabin. Her body began to shake and her inner walls clenched my penis so tightly I could barley move in or out of her. It was a matter of seconds before I began to cum; as her orgasm subsided she held me close and kissed me as I began cumming in wave after wave of ecstasy.

When my orgasm ended she released me from our kiss and told me to get some rest while she went to clean up and get dinner ready; she told me that the party was just getting started and I needed my strength.

To be continued…

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