tagVan Vrouwen houdende VrouwenDenise and the Beaches of Europe

Denise and the Beaches of Europe


Denise and I had been married three years. We were both successful so as a treat to ourselves we had decided to take a three-week trip to Europe. Because of our interests in swimming and going to the beach we had decided to hit the various popular beach resort areas we had read about: Majorca in Spain, Mykonos in Greece, and the Agde in France. I had made all the reservations through a travel agent, but was unaware of the nature of the beaches we would encounter in these three locations, other than Riviera's reputation for toplessness. All we knew was that each place had great sunny weather on the days we would be there.

We arrived at Majorca without a hitch and headed to the beach. Immediately we noticed that three quarters of the women were topless; and in fact there were some men and women who were nude. It was quite the shock for us. But after a day of seeing bare breasted women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and skin colors and of seeing several men and women completely nude except for the body hair they had, both Denise and I weren't shocked. It seemed quite natural albeit a little arousing when a curvaceous woman or well-built man happened to walk close by us with portions of their body jiggling, bouncing and moving in rhythm with their movements.

On our third day there Denise announced that she was going to join in. She thought it would be exciting to go out in public bare-breasted and feel the warm breezes on her chest and feel the sun warm her breasts. In our room she actually looked excited as if she were a child about to go to Disney World. I had to chuckle. I think my wife is beautiful. I didn't have any problem with other men admiring her beauty, especially if she were going to have so much fun. It might increase my chances of having more sex later that day.

On the beach it took an hour, but after taking a dip in the Mediterranean she removed her top to let her breasts dry in the sun. Denise has a beautiful pair of 38C cone-shaped but full breasts that stand up firm. Each of her breasts is tipped with a tan-colored quarter-size nipple that pokes out a little. In the breezes her nipples became more pronounced, and she said she actually felt a little aroused. The warm sun would soften them and the breezes or the cool water would harden them. The attention she received from the foreign men on the beach boosted her confidence and she found it flattering not offensive.

"You have a beautiful body, Denise," I reassured her, "I'm not surprised that men are finding you tempting." This comment caused her to blush and then her nipples hardened in excitement again. I was a little surprised that I wasn't upset with her wanting to bare her breasts but I wasn't. Instead I was enjoying her beautiful half-naked body; after all I did love her body along with who she was and found her exceptionally attractive with her tall firm figure, her laughing blue eyes, her full lips, and her wiry mass of dark blond hair. I enjoyed the next four days of her parading around and encouraged her when she pondered whether to purchase a skimpier bikini. So by the last days of our stay in Majorca Denise was not only topless but the g-string bikini she wore revealed all of her beautifully rounded bottom. Her bikini top consisted of two triangles held together with strings; if she had worn it the triangles would have barely concealed her nipples. The bikini bottom consisted of two strings that curved over her hips and disappeared between the pale white, now tanned, twin cheeks of her gorgeous rounded fanny; and the front was a small triangle of thin clingy material that barely covered her pubic hair. It also clung to her feminine lips outlining her genitals for every guy, who was interested. I know I myself became aroused several times each day when I spied her either lying face up on the beach or walking out of the surf with that wet suit clinging to all her lady parts and the sea water dripping off the tips of her firm bare breasts.

Denise grew to enjoy herself after an initial self-consciousness. By the end of our stay she walked like a cat moving in such a way that she exuded confidence and joy at being almost completely nude. She knew she looked good and moved in such a way that it caused her breasts to sway sexily side to side and bounce slightly down and up, and her movements caused her tight rounded butt muscles to flex and move like a sexy powerful animal. Every night Denise was so aroused that we would make wild, passionate love, so I was enjoying the situation myself.

The scene changed to Mykonos in Greece. It was a sunny bright island of stark contrasts. The white painted buildings stood out against the dun-colored terrain of the island. The golden sandy beaches contrasted with the aqua color of the sea. The nude bodies of the bathers stood out against the colors of the golden beaches, the aqua surf, and the dark rocky hills surrounding the beaches. And the placid nature of many of the residents contrasted with the wild night life that was restricted to certain areas where the dance night clubs were situated.

As I said the beaches here were largely nude. Clothing was optional but on the beaches we visited there were very few who wore anything at all. Again as with Majorca Denise was the one to suggest that we go without any clothing. So on the second day of our stay we put on only a pair of beach cover-ups in order to get down to the nude beach. This in itself was a unique feeling: feeling the air against my crotch. When we got to the beach it was Denise, who was already used to having shed our more modest habits of home, who dropped her robe and stood there in the buff with nothing but the dark blond, wiry hair on her head pulled back in a ponytail and the wiry dark blond hair of her belly covering her exposed genitals. To add to the sensuality of her appearance, however, she had added a rainbow colored tie to her hair, a rainbow colored strip to her throat and a rainbow colored band to her left ankle. To her right butt cheek she had applied a rainbow colored heart-shaped decal. This made her much sexier looking than just being simply nude.

Seeing her in the nude like that decorated with a sexy bit of strategically placed color got me hard and at first I didn't remove by wrap. When Denise asked me what was wrong I explained, and that is when she pointed out to me that even from here she could see that several men were having the natural reaction of getting an erection. "It's what you guys do, Mark. It's natural for we women to be a certain way and it is natural for you men to react in a certain way also. The same temperature changes that affect these babies," she pointed to her now erect nipples, "also affect you guys, but in an opposite way. Heat, either from us or from the sun, makes you grow and cold makes you shrink." She laughed as if she had nothing to be ashamed of about either her nudity or my natural state of erection. She then bent over from the hips with her bottom facing a guy who was lying on the beach with several friends so that he caught a full view of her pussy lips partially covered in pubic hair, and laid out our blanket. Knowing full well what she had just done she turned around and, pointing to the guy's growing groin, said, "See...natural." Bless her; she giggled and situated her nude body on our blanket. And she looked positively perfect.

I dropped my wrap after I sat down on the blanket. Although I was uncomfortable at first I soon warmed to being totally nude. The crowds around us were of all ages, races, and nationalities. It was a panorama of the human body in its natural state. Just like in real life some were very attractive and some were not so much. Denise was in the former and was soon right at home with displaying herself. When she was face up she would often lift her hips up to display her genitals, ostensibly to brush sand off her butt but she would keep her hips up a little longer. She would brush off the grains of sand that would be trapped in her pubic hair and on the damp skin of her labia. And she would play with her clitoral hood, parting her hairs away from it so it was exposed to the warming rays of the sun. Just like a man's penis her clit would enlarge under the warmth of the sun so that it stood out visibly from her labia and occasionally the bright pink tip would extend from under the foreskin of her clitoral hood.

She really got into it and this caused me to get a periodic erection. Several times that morning I got a full blown erection which I had to partially hide by turning over onto my side and curling my leg over it. Denise would laugh and tell me, "It's lucky to be a girl in these moments. This little puppy is positively humming right about now," she said pointing to her pronounced clitoris and laughing, "and I can simply enjoy what it's doing to me." Every so often she would grind her bare bottom or her bare belly into the sand and grin to emphasize to me how she was uninhibitedly enjoying herself. It was a little startling how quickly her inhibitions had dropped away, but a bigger surprise to me was that I wasn't jealous or envious about how publicly sexual she had become. Instead I was enjoying her risqué actions and the way she had made this experience both sexual and exciting but also playful. After all I loved her not only for her beauty but also her joyful and frisky personality.

Her beauty and the sensual way in which she moved, adjusted herself, and played with herself was soon attracting other men. A man was never sure if she was coming on to him but he surely enjoyed the show she was putting on. When she walked to the water she made sure to move her hips in a sensual way. When she played in the surf and would bump into men or women she would always place her hand on some part of their body to not only make a connection but to also drop the barrier to physical contact. To some men it was seen as an invitation: "I am not averse to touching you and I don't mind if you reciprocate by touching me. I am enjoying being touched. I touched you on your chest or on your back or, more intimately, on your bare hip, belly or backside. I don't mind if you do the same." Many times when she came out of the water a man would come out conversing with her and some of the bolder, European men would follow her back to our blanket with a hand on her back or hip, where even my presence wouldn't dissuade them from standing or squatting next to here and continuing to converse about whatever they had been talking about. Denise positively reveled in the added attention from the more handsome men.

Some of the men who hit on her were incredibly well-endowed and were in various states of flaccidness or arousal. It didn't seem to bother them to have a nearly full erection that they pointed at Denise's face as she sat down before them. They would stand with their members mere inches from her mouth. It also didn't seem to bother them when they were squatting on the sand next to her to have a large pair of testicles hanging from between their bent legs and to develop an enormous erection that pointed in her direction. The invitation was clear: "I am here for you, sweet Denise; you just need to take what I am offering and forget this man who is with you." Denise, for her part, did not dissuade them. In fact some of the men would steady themselves while squatting by placing a hand on her bare, shapely, smooth skinned shoulder or knee. Denise's reaction was to place her hand on their naked thigh within inches of their growing penises. Sometimes she would toy with them further by leaning back, especially when they were standing up and could easily see all of her, and rubbing or scratching her clitoris up and down slowly the whole time they stood there. This resulted in several sporting incredible erections. But that didn't seem to bother them nor discourage them from trying to persuade her to leave with them for a little trysting time, despite the fact I was sitting right there.

In every case Denise would shut them down eventually by turning to me or waiting for me to return and saying, "Well, thanks for the conversation, but I really must get back to my husband. He gets lonely if I don't pay him sufficient attention." And then she would giggle like a teenage girl and offer her hand to shake theirs...not a kiss or a hug as they wanted, but a handshake. Some of the guys being in a frustrated state would use their shaking hands to push Denise's hand or wrist to brush against their needy dark, enlarged cocks. She never reacted, but after they left she would often remark in one of two ways: "That guy had nerve" or "My goodness, he was stiff and large!!!"

The former response hadn't bothered me, but when she made the latter remark several times I had to ask, "Were you really contemplating what it would be like?"

"What what would be like?" she responded.

"What their 'stiff and large' cocks would feel like in your mouth or between your legs," I retorted jealously.

"Yes, exactly. And don't tell me you haven't noticed some women whom you wouldn't mind bedding, my dear Mark. Especially the ones with the bald pussies. That's even erotic to me to see a grown woman with everything showing with no covering hair. And what about your fantasy you let me in on about having sex with either an Asian or an Indian woman. What about those? Fair is fair. A woman has her fantasies too...about what a different penis would feel like moving around inside of her...especially such a large penis...especially an uncircumcised penis...one that is so different from what she's had before." Saying this she squeezed her thighs together for pleasure.

"You're right," I had to admit. "I have noticed the different pussies parading around this beach as well as other different attributes. And yes I have entertained brief fantasies about what this or that woman would feel like moving against me." As I said this I began to get yet another erection.

Pointing to my hardening member Denise said, "See; we're not that different. You're getting aroused and I've been aroused. This nakedness thing really gets the juices flowing, doesn't it?. It might be commonplace and no big deal for most of the folks out here but I think we're still new to this. But you know what, honey, I love this freedom and fun. It's a rush. Let's go for a dip to cool down."

While swimming we bumped into a British couple, Edith and Michael. When I say we bumped into each other I mean I literally came up out of the cloudy water smack into Edith's butt which I mistakenly thought was Denise's. So reacting under that impression I had grabbed her hips and wrestled her down into the surf. I was totally embarrassed when I realized my mistake. But Michael, Edith and Denise were laughing their asses off at my embarrassment. We hit it off right away after this fateful event, and spent the rest of the day and evening with each other. We moved to their blanket and actually teamed up in games of chicken in the surf against other groups of couples.

The game of chicken was less about competition and more about having a good time and having lots of physical contact with other men and women under the guise of playing a friendly game. The object was for each team of pairs of men and women to engage another team of men and women and try to be the last pair standing. The winning members would get to choose who they wanted as partners for the next round. This led to men being paired up with women who were strangers and vice versa, which was the real point of this game. The man would usually be the carrier and the woman, usually being lighter, would sit on the shoulders of her partner. Thus situated one team's pairs would attack the other team's pairs until an entire team tumbled over into the water. Tumbling over usually resulted in a lot of physical contact between you and your partner so this too led to a lot of risqué fun. Each round didn't last long so swapping partners quickly resulted in Denise sitting on many different guys' shoulders and me having different women sitting on mine. On one round Denise chose Michael, who was black, hung like a horse with an uncircumcised penis and shaved smooth down there, and then one other guy who was also massively hung, also uncircumcised but very hairy. I had two women who had bald pussies which was an odd sensation feeling bare slippery skin pressed against my neck instead of wiry pubic hair.

Back on the beach Edith sat down right next to me between Denise and me such that her rather large right breast was pressed against my left arm as she inquired into what I was reading. When she learned it was an American murder mystery she asked if she could have the book after I was finished. That book hadn't made it to the UK yet. Edith and I engaged in a conversation about authors and styles during which Edith sat even closer to me and put her hands on my back, my thigh and my hip while making certain emotional points. Staring at her bald open pussy as she reseated herself to face me knee to knee was quite the treat and when I looked up at Denise she nodded, grinned and mouthed the word, "See??" I had to agree. Thoughts of licking those beautiful hairless folds and then watching my penis slide in and out of those hairless labia were dancing in my head such that sometimes Edith had to repeat what she said to me because I had been distracted by my erotic thoughts.

That evening Denise and I hit one of the local dance clubs and had a great time dancing and drinking and watching a few of the women in the crowd strip naked on the stage where the DJ had his gear. The club had a wall on which there were pinned hundreds of panties and bras, each one signed. In return for getting naked a woman would have night of free drinks and no cover charge. And if she turned in all of her clothes for the night she would get free drinks, food, and cover charges for her entire group. One of the women had her boyfriend strip too. When both engaged in faux intercourse on stage where she was riding his naked hips, the crowd cheered loudly. That couple, however, quickly put their clothes back on before leaving the stage.

The next morning we hooked up with Edith and Michael for the day. Part of the day we spent on the beach, sunning, swimming, and playing chicken with yet another group, and also teaming up for a Frisbee match in the surf. We then headed out at dusk for a hike in the hills of Mykonos and captured all of us on film standing in the buff in a small grotto of rocks we had discovered and then against a whitewashed building that seemed to have no one around at the time. We ended the day saying we should get together to go dancing at the club that Denise and I had discovered. So after a brief session of lovemaking and a brief nap, Denise and I met Edith and Michael in the lobby to our hotel and headed over to the club.

In the club we were taken by Edith to a certain section of the wall of panties and their on the wall was a pair of pale yellow bikini panties with the name Edith scrawled on them. Seeing this Denise turned to me and said, "We have to do this. This is now on my bucket list. We have got to get naked here in a public club in front of the hundred or so customers." Despite my trepidations I gave in to her wish. So at the appropriate time Denise arranged for us to get up on the stage next to the DJ and we soon were down to our knickers and then naked. Denise signed her panties and handed them to the club's manager and then handed him her dress and said keep it; she was going to go the full monty and spend all night drinking, eating, and especially dancing in the nude.

I begged off on staying naked, but Michael volunteered to spend the evening in the nude with Denise. He said, "Like you Mark I had balked at getting up on the stage with Edith and have regretted it ever since. I'll gladly keep Denise safe from predatory groping."

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